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We love magazines and we spend a lot of time in looking for them, so we know how hard is to find what we wish using only few information. We organized our website trying to allow you the most effective & comfortable way to search your wished items. Depending on  information you have, you can look for an item in different ways :

by text You can look for mags just accessing the Search Page or using the our Home page search field. In this way you'll get all available mags whose titles or pages contain a specific text

by details You can look for mags just accessing the Shop and selecting one or more details you already know such as magazine title, year, country, etc

by cover character You can look for available mags, having your preferred character on cover, just accessing our special page ( Covers Page ) and clicking on his/her name

Another good way is  contacting us in order to do the work for you. We'll glad to assist & help you in getting what you're looking for.