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About us

We've been collecting magazines & books all our life and we always liked to discover rare and lost in memory items. Over 20 years spent in collecting and in going through every vintage magazine or book we found in order to preserve and share their contents. Although we're mainly fashion magazines specialists, our collection includes various thematic areas such as fashion, design, architecture as well as pop-culture, music, photography and much more. Our archive is Italy based and contains thousands of different publications, most of them still not shown here. Recently we collaborated at one of the most important digitalization project, ever done by a magazine editorial office, in the publishing sector of fashion. During the whole project we were involved in searching, selecting & supplying almost 40 years of publications, in order to assure the best digitalization quality. We collaborate with editorial offices, photographers, international fashion houses, exhibitions, artists, libraries and, of course, private collectors. We like to share our passion globally so we commit in a wide range of collaborations : supplies, 'on demand' researchs, assessments, consulting  & reviews. We like to have a 'social' approach because we believe that a simple enquiry or a brainstorm between you & us can lead both to pleasant discoveries. Don't hesitate to contact us for any need, we like to discover how we can use our knowledge to help you.