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VOGUE Italia Magazine October 2020 Hailey & Justin Bieber HELMUT NEWTON Tribute

VOGUE Italia Magazine October 2020 Hailey & Justin Bieber HELMUT NEWTON Tribute


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Vogue Italia Magazine October 2020 

"My heart is where my wife is" Helmut Newton Tribute Issue

Justin & Hailey Bieber in YSL  Cover + pictorial by ELI RUSSELL LINNETZ , styled by MEL OTTEMBERG

Helmut Newton 100th Birthday Issue In collaboration with the Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin. “The October issue of Vogue Italia celebrates 100 years since the birth of Helmut Newton, one of the greatest fashion photographers of all time, and undoubtedly the most controversial. We have called on photographers, asking them not to pay tribute to the master, or worse to imitate him, but rather – under the creative direction of VOGUE ITALIA – to recount the places, faces and obsessions of his life in order to illustrate the complexity of his character. We have also involved critics, muses, writers, film directors, curators, publishers, gallerists, friends and not friends. The result is a long story that starts with Newton’s life and unfolds to talk about male and female gaze, diversity, conformism, morality, moralism, liberty, irony, good and bad taste – and who is entitled to decree which is which.” (Emanuele Farneti)

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