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UOMINI Masculinity & Sensuality Mariano Vivanco Dolce Gabbana GANDY Ward Nessman

UOMINI Masculinity & Sensuality Mariano Vivanco Dolce Gabbana GANDY Ward Nessman


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UOMINI Masculinity & Sensuality by Mariano Vivanco for DOLCE & GABBANA, RIZZOLI INTERNATIONAL
Andre Ziehe, Buck Palmer, Tony Ward, Andres Velencoso Segura, Sam Way, Rodrigo Calazans, Noah Mills, David Gandy, Brian Shimansky, Clint Mauro, Sam Saffman, Miguel Iglesias, Julienne Quevenne, Eduardo Oliver, Chris Garavaglia, Chris Folz, Aj Abualrub, Antonio Navas, Alan Carey, Oliver Cheshire, Christopher Landon, Tom Warren, Luis Kelling, Ryan Bertroche and Chad White
Hardback * Large format * 176 Pages * Heavy weight * Hundreds of b&w photos * BRAND NEW

This listing is for a 'must have' copy of this limited edition amazing uncensored photo book. Immediately sold out, this book become soon almost unfindable. An item whose value will only grow with the time.

The images are inspired by masculine archetypes, modern Adonis reminiscing of Greek and Roman traditions: the hero, the soldier and the sportsman. The volume, released as a complement to all publications printed as corollary to Dolce & Gabbana Men's 20th anniversary, depicts the male body in yet another perspective: as a model worth of inspiration, a beauty ideal which transcends times, trends and cultures. Looking at the images shot by Mariano Vivanco, both in black and white and in colour, what is noticeable is not just an array of well-known faces from all international catwalks, but a snapshot of Mankind. Their perfect bodies and their tensed muscles, sculpted by training and discipline, are almost reminiscent of an anatomy manual, and yet they are not losing one ounce of sensuousness and grace. The last section of the book is dedicated to Tony Ward. Icon of the 80's and 90's, Tony's charm is almost primitive. He shows himself to and plays with the camera without filters. The result is a series of images which are drenched in sensuality and eroticism, thanks to the eloquence of a face and a body whose charm stands, unadultera

he test of time.

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